Building Materials

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    Place of habitats are pre-dominantly a vital aspect – both as a residence as well as a business establishment. Royal Sapphire administers the materials which are used for construction purposes wherein they are segmented into specific speciality trades. A great sum of care is taken to learn the genesis of building materials, in order to have a clear understanding of their collective environmental impact when expressed in the form of a building. Hence, we’re among the salient suppliers of building materials, providing an extensive range of materials like Bricks and Tiles, Steel, Iron Rods, Cement and many more.

    The key feature among all our materials is durability. As the materials have a longer lifespan, they become more cost effective. Adding to it, the materials require low maintenance, thereby reduces the consumption of the building’s operating budget, and eliminates the risk of maintenance exceeding the construction costs. High performance corrosion resistant alloys and radio frequency shielding are the other important features, which not only aides in longevity, but also eradicates health risks. The other essentialities are: low thermal movement, light weight, lightning protection, sustainability and recyclability.

    In terms of environmental responsibility we’re on the forefront. We function under several ecological principles. The materials are of low toxicity and non-radioactive and prevents the emission of harmful chemicals. The building materials allow air diffusion, thus regulating the humidity of the indoor environment and filtering air pollutants. They do not contribute to environmental problems during their production and installation stage.